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Mike Samons
Software Engineer at Accellos
"I worked with Bob Thomas for about at year and a half at NTS. During that time he amazed me with his depth of understanding and ability to solve problems with a vast array of technologies, especially with regard to programming, from rudimentary HTML tweaks to the nuances of PHP. One collaboration that comes to mind is assisting with expansion of the VoIP phone system into a newly acquired building, room by room, which we completed in a very short time. Bob is also very adept with audio-visual technologies, especially as they are integrated with computer hardware and software. Furthermore Bob is very enthusiastic, energetic, and committed to getting the assignment done while encouraging those around him to have fun along the way."

Stephen Porter
Director of Instructional Technology, Director of Information Services at Nazarene Theological Seminary

I worked alongside of Bob for a couple years and filled his position after his departure from NTS. Bob has left me with some big shoes to fill. 

Bob has a vast knowledge base and experience from which to work and lead. He had help to design and manage a complex IT environment and did it well. As a member of a different department, I was always pleased with Bob’s ability to collaborate with us in accomplishing innovative tasks and forward looking projects. Since his departure, we have continued to look to him to help us with some contract assignments because of his valued expertise. Beyond that, he is always enjoyable to be around. 

I highly recommend Bob for almost any technology related need. He is a gifted technologist and great person to work with.

Get-It-Done Attitude

Jeffrey Sykes
Lead Systems Administrator at VML

"From the first time I met him Bob impressed me with his energy and his ready attitude to do whatever it takes to make a project succeed. I have learned that these are not universal qualities that all people share and that has made me value these traits even more. 

"Over the years we worked together, I knew that if I need Bob to do something I could ask him to do a task, give him a place to start and then I could watch as this technically gifted man attacked the problem with incredible ferocity. 

"I also appreciated the way that Bob was open to dialogue and provided valuable experience and perspective based on his experience. He was a great member of my team and a big part of many successful projects."

Michael Wingard
Sales Consultant at Stateline Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

"Robert is an outstanding person, friend and Colleague. I have had the privilege of knowing him at a personal level for the past three years. 

"He is knowledgeable in his field, an outstanding leader and aggressively resourceful. I highly recommend Robert."

Graduate Student of Historical Theology at Boston University
"Working for Bob was one of the most enjoyable and worthwhile experiences I've ever had. I am constantly impressed by the breadth and depth of his understanding. Because of the nature of the NTS organization, Bob had his hands in every aspect of the implementation and maintenance of various IT technologies, from hardware and software to network communications, backup, and security - all of which he performed with an excellence and an energy that made my excited to show up to work. 

"Working as part of a team, Bob knew how to get the best out of every one of his employees, and he made the work environment fun yet challenging while doing it. Bob's management went above and beyond my job description, giving me on-the-job training and experience with technologies and systems that I could not have gained elsewhere in a similar position. 

"I will always look back at my experience working for Bob as a gift. He is a great boss and a great man."

Ron Powell, MBA, PMP
Senior Project Manager and Developer
"Bob was my manager at Fidelity Investments. Under his leadership, Bob guided his team to develop an enterprise architecture solution, and the Enterprise Architecture group was recognized by Fidelity Chairman and CEO Ned Johnson for its outstanding accomplishments. Bob was the right person to help Fidelity meet its demanding challenges. He possesses the ability to grasp the full nature of a complex problem, to propose creative solutions, to deliver a realistic framework for delivering these solutions, and to implement them on time and under budget. He is a remarkable team builder who takes care to motivate his team and help each member make progress on his or her career path. I recommend him to anyone who wants a proven leader who is capable of building highly motivated, highly performing teams."


Wendi Fox, PHR, CHP
Director, Employment Services (Human Resources & Professional Services) Phoenix Business Systems

"Robert is an Executive Level project manager and strategic leader who approaches every challenge with a positive team approach. He is a visionary, yet highly approachable. He listens to the ideas of others and uses their experiences to formulate successful strategies. He has tremendous insight, a competitive nature, and determination that cannot be beat. He earned my respect as an Executive Leader. It is my pleasure to recommend Robert. His expertise, healthy self-confidence and leadership skills are of high value to any organization."

Dr. D. Martin Butler
Dean of Administration (retired), Nazarene Theological Seminary
"Robert is a talented technology professional. He brings to his work thirty years of IT experience in various capacities. As our IT director he has overseen the implementation of several software conversions as well as writing programs that permit reports from one package to be integrated with other systems, thus streamlining reporting processes and procedures. He oversees a staff of five part-time IT employees.

"Most recently he has designed a proposal that will permit much needed redundancy of our data by moving our servers into the "cloud." This project has required research, budget development, and multiple meetings with vendors. We will implement his plan during the 2012-13 academic year.

"Bob serves on the President's Cabinet and is involved with not only IT matters, but with helping the entire administration understand how all institutional decisions have technology ramifications. He is a respected member of the Seminary community who has a willing spirit and a passion for his work."