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Google Fiber in your home but not your home office?  SureWest refusing to run a cable to your upstairs TV? Telephone line(s) not working?  Network expansion needed at your office or home? 

Inside a typical office
telephone PBX
Small office
Telephone Wiring

We design, diagnose and repair all types of business and residential low-voltage (telephone and network) wiring.  

We can help you make your communication setup what you need it to be. 

There is no reason to tolerate scratchy phone lines, broken handsets, laggy WiFi connections, continual buffering of your TV shows or the risk of your neighbors snooping on your WiFi signal.  A properly designed business or residential communication system allows the free and smooth flow of information and media to everywhere it is needed without the risk and performance problems inherent in wireless telephone and networking systems.  

  • We will do everything from design and install a new office phone system to repairing a single telephone line.
  • We can design and repair all parts of your business or home network including all routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, network extenders and vendor relationships.
  • We enjoy working with home and business owners to install and maintain television and audio presentation systems tailored to the exact need you have.  

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Call us at the number below.  We will quickly diagnose your issues and get your problems solved.

Who is ThomaSoft tech?

Providing Everything Information Technology (IT) for residents, small businesses and medium sized businesses in Liberty, MO and the Kansas City Metro area. Based in Liberty, MO for 15 years, ThomaSoft Tech offers a broad range of commercial IT and residential IT consulting services including network setup, computer repair, database repair, data recovery, data integration and audio & video design throughout Clay County and the Kansas City Metro area.

Everything IT

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What We Do... 

Check out the GO-Tech-Mobile... 

The GO-Mobile goes 20+ miles on battery alone!
We use no gasoline and produce zero emissions for work that is close to our office.  
For work that requires gasoline we get just under 60 MPG.

"I worked with Bob Thomas for about at year and a half at NTS. During that time he amazed me with his depth of understanding and ability to solve problems with a vast array of technologies…”  Mike Samons

“As a member of a different department, I was always pleased with Bob’s ability to collaborate with us in accomplishing innovative tasks and forward looking projects. Since his departure, we have continued to look to him to help us…” Stephen Porter

"Over the years we worked together, I knew that if I need Bob to do something I could ask him to do a task, give him a place to start and then I could watch as this technically gifted man attacked the problem with incredible ferocity.”  Jeffrey Sykes

"He is knowledgeable in his field, an outstanding leader and aggressively resourceful. I highly recommend Robert."  Michael Wingard

“Bob had his hands in every aspect of the implementation and maintenance of various IT technologies, from hardware and software to network communications, backup, and security - all of which he performed with an excellence and an energy that made my excited to show up to work.”  Seth Waltemyers

"Under his leadership, Bob guided his team to develop an enterprise architecture solution, and the Enterprise Architecture group was recognized by Fidelity Chairman and CEO Ned Johnson for its outstanding accomplishments.” Ron Powell, MBA, PMP

“I recommend him to anyone who wants a proven leader who is capable of building highly motivated, highly performing teams." Ron Powell, MBA, PMP

"I will always look back at my experience working for Bob as a gift. He is a great boss and a great man." Seth Waltemyer

"Robert is an Executive Level project manager and strategic leader who approaches every challenge with a positive team approach. He is a visionary, yet highly approachable. … His expertise, healthy self-confidence and leadership skills are of high value to any organization."  Wendi Fox, PHR, CHP

"Robert is a talented technology professional. He brings to his work thirty years of IT experience in various capacities. As our IT director he has overseen the implementation of several software conversions as well as writing programs…  Bob serves on the President's Cabinet and is involved with not only IT matters, but with helping the entire administration understand how all institutional decisions have technology ramifications. He is a respected member of the Seminary community who has a willing spirit and a passion for his work."  Dr. D. Martin Butler

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